How Does Adderall Intake by College Students Effects their Health?

The pressure of high grades and less physical activities are increasing the mental disorders in the students and they are looking for various ways to boost their focus and attention. The use of Adderall is one of them and it helps the students to control ADHD. Basically, it’s used to focus on work and avoid distractions. Managing depression and sleeping disorder the ultimate goals of the Adderall usage. There is no issue if you are using the medicine as per the doctor’s prescription or for a genuine reason, but here the question arsis ‘Does it safe for teenagers?. In the article, we will try to find out the answer to this question.

What is Adderall Abuse?

Adderall is a brain stimulant helps to refresh the mind and focus on the work. The unnecessary use of the medicine is called Adderall abuse and shows various side effects. There are several ways to Adderall abuse and some of them are listed below:

  • Consumption of more dosage than the doctor’s prescription.
  • Taking medicine in the powdered form like snorting.
  • Unnecessary reasons of medicine intake like preparation of a test or staying awake.
  • Overdose and frequent drug intake.
  • Using someone else’s medicine.

Side Effects of Adderall Abuse in Teens

The use of Adderall in teenagers badly affects the working of brain and the problem most likely to occur when the user starts using medicine without consulting the doctor. Following are the common issues happen due to the Adderall abuse in teens:

Tolerance: The terms tolerate is used for the need of more drug to attain the same outcome from the medicine. To overcome this situation, the students recreate the initial high and take increasing the dosage.

Dependency: Body finds it difficult to properly function without the presence of drug in the body. The students keep using the drugs without knowing the possible side effects.

Addiction: Addiction refers to the use of drugs despite the knowledge of the risks. Restlessness and absence of the peace of mind tend a person to take drug over and over again.

The health risks associated with Adderall abuse include high blood pressure, fast heart beat, and abrupt increase in the body temperature. The careless behavior towards the initial symptoms results in serious medical issues like stroke and cardiac arrest.

Stress and time management issues are the common causes of drug use in teens. National Survey on Drug Use and Health reveals shocking results about Adderall abuse in teens. 425,000 teenagers aged between 12-17 were involved in the misuse of Adderall while 2.5 million students aged between 18-25 were regularly using the drug. To recreate the drug effect, the students are using marijuana, pain killers, and cocaine.

The prevention treatments of Adderall abuse include the monitoring of the teens as most of them get the drug from their friends. Healthy family life and education of stress management helps to deal with stress and hectic college routine. Rehabilitation centers and the use of antidepressant are also good alternatives of Adderall.



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