How Does Adderall Work for ADHD?

Adderall is a stimulant drug used for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The symptoms of the disorder include inattentiveness, hyperactivity, anxiety, and impulsivity. Usually, the symptoms of the disorder begin from the childhood and become worst if not treated properly. The sufferer finds it difficult to manage things properly and fails to make a routine of the work. Inability to follow the goals and trouble of holding down a job are the major problems a patient finds during professional life.

Types of ADHD

There are three common types of ADHD and each has different symptoms.

Inattentive Type: The inattentive type of ADHD the common symptoms are not listening, being distracted, not paying attention to details, losing important information of the task, making careless mistakes, and being forgetful. To start the medication of this type, the person must have six symptoms from the six nine above-mentioned issues.

Hyperactive-Impulsive Type: Fatigue, squirming, interruption, problem working in quiet environment, inappropriate running time, excess talking, and getting yup open when seated are the common types of hyperactive-impulsive type.

Combined Type: This type of ADHS includes the symptoms of both above-mentioned types.

How Does Adderall Work for ADHD?

Amphetamine salts are present in Adderall and work as a stimulant for the central nervous system. Adderall increases the amount of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. It also produces the euphoric state in the people who use the drug to control excess sleepiness. The paradoxical effect of Adderall on the people with ADHD helps them to stay calm and focus more on the work. The difficulty with sleep, restless, and inattentiveness are the issues can be solved with Adderall.

Adderall takes 1-2 hours to reach its peak and it stays in the body for several days. Some people sniff the tablets in the powdered form, but one shouldn’t exceed the prescribed medicine level as it results in adverse side effects and sometimes in death. 40mg per day and 60mg per day is the safe amount of Adderall for children and adults respectively. But it’s the average amount and the variation in the dosage can make while considering the physical tolerance and amphetamines.

How to Improve the Working of Adderall?

To avoid the side effects of Adderall, always follow the doctor’s advice and use it only when you needed. Take Adderall with vitamin C and prevent the side effects and never take it with a full stomach as it works best when you take it with the empty stomach. Never take the dosage with alcohol as it increases the risk of poisoning alcohol which can lead to death.

The presence of Amphetamine salts in Adderall makes it unsuitable for everyone and using the drug for illegitimate purposes can trigger serious health issues such as Adderall addiction, seizures, and cardiovascular. No doubt, the use of Adderall changes the life of an ADHD patient and brings healthy improvements in their lives, but one should not ignore the possible side effects of the drugs. Those who don’t have serious issues should seek alternatives of Adderall and opt for the natural things like exercise and the use of high protein level food.

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